About Me and My Art



Hello, my name is Knut and I am a Berlin Pop Art painter ...


... and I love Pop Art!



I love the wide range of colors, the relationship between image and text and the humour.


Most known is my "Andy"-series, an ongoing and numbered Pop Art-series, in which every painting has a primary colour naming it (The Blue One, The Pink One etc.). In most of the paintings indirectly a person called "Andy" is playing a role, but you never see him.


The paintings represent a modern lifestyle and show in a humorous way a timeless view on our human lifes and dreams. Favourite subjects are day-to-day topics such as fashion, growing up, future topics, various views of life and much more.


The paintings are colourful, optimistic, with a good energy and hang in modern private lofts as well as in representative places in companies.


If you have any questions please do not hesitate contacting me. Let`s have some fun!

My short story ...

The beginning

After high school I studied painting and design at the Academy JAK in Hamburg.  Curriculum based on Bauhaus principles.

At the end of the studies more often I went to the theater and was fascinated by the productions by US theater director Robert Wilson. I decided to work in the theater and moved up to Berlin, the capital of theater and art.


I enrolled at the Humboldt University, where I started to study theatre science, cultural science and Modern German Literature - and wrote my first play "The Existence ".


Robert Wilson came with a new production to Berlin and I worked for him as stage design assistant by the production "Ozeanflug" at the Berliner Ensemble. It was an exciting time.

As a student at Academy JAK

After the great and successful production and the experience with the theater I had to make a choice at that point: I could stay in the theater or rather I remain independent and follow the the artist's path and will become a painter.

I decided to freedom and independence and turned my back on theater.

Theater director Robert Wilson

The Andy-series

My first next step was I set up my first own studio in the basement of my house and i began to work on large formats. But what followed was a time of despair: I simply do not manage the large format. Some parts of the painting are well  but as a whole would not be able to function.  In greatest desperation I drew a circle around the good parts and overpainted the rest. As a result holes were created. I called the wholes "bubbles" and the new style "Bubble-paintings".


The Green One

Celeste Art Prize

Bubble-Painting No. 2

But then I found the figures in the paintings are to realistic and I oriented myself more on the abstract comic-style. I had also a lot of ideas and so I decided to starting a series. The first work was the "The Green One - Andy the mediac". Characteristic for the following "Andy"-series is that the main color of the painting named it. Also on all paintings indirectly a person called "Andy" is playing a role, but you never see him.


When "The Green One" was finished I submitted the work for the international "Celeste Prize" and the work  was nominated and  was exhibited at the group show.

The Factory HB55

The "Celeste Art Prize" was a good start for the the "Andy"-series and now I was looking for a larger studio to paint and store the large formats. I decided to a room with two big window fronts in the artfactory "HB55". In the factory there were over 100 studios with artist from around the world.


We organised exhibitions and parties in the large exhibition hall and we had a funny time - and with the exhibitions the first collectors came and bought works.


The "Andy"-series grew and the Kunsthaus ARTES (art Internet platform) expressed their interest for a limited edition series of "The Yellow One" and "The Red One".  They started the exclusive-series with 9 copies in each painting, numbered und handsigned, format 100 x 100 cm, format framed 103 x 103 cm. 



group exhibtion and masquerade party

There followed numerous exhibition in the factory and outside in Berlin.

The Future

After the painting "The Turqouise One" (No. 5 of the series) I stopped and tried new styles like  Photorealism, Surrealism and Conceptual Art.  I made a lot of experiments, but I became aware, for me the Pop Art is the only true thing.


So I continued the "Andy"-series with "The Blue One". The painting is the result after reading the unbelievable book "Physics of the Future: How Science Will Shape Human Destiny and Our Daily Lives by the Year 2100"  by Michio Kaku. What I liked the most is Kaku`s optimism about the future. 

In this time the new future-oriented magazine "i-future" came onto the market and the they chose "The Blue One" for the cover.


Further "Andy"-paintings No. 7-12 were taken, amongst other things with reference to Tesla founder Elon Musk and Apple founder Steve Jobs.


And what will happen in the future?


In June 2016 you get a new tool on the website. So you can buy a painting directly and pay with paypal.

"The Blue One" - Original and cover i-future

Otherwise I want quote "The Blue One":


Futures gonne be fantastic!


Let's see what happens!


your Knut




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