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Abstract vs. Figurative (Ellsworth Kelly meets Goofy)


130 x 170 x 2 cm (51 x 67 inch)

Acrylic on canvas, 2019

detailed photos and description text

For sale / zu verkaufen

Das Konzept Kunstwerk Gemälde "Abstract vs. Figurative (Ellsworth Kelly trifft Goofy)" beinhaltet zwei Kunstrichtungen:

auf der linken Seite ein Zitat eines Bildes von Ellsworth Kelly (abstrakte Malerei) und rechts sieht man Disney`s Goofy (figurative Malerei). Dazu liest man den Satz oben rechts "Es ist DEINE Entscheidung ... ". Der Betrachter kann/soll also wählen? Welche Kunstrichtung mag er/sie mehr? Was bedeutet das? Dazu verschwindet der Name des Künstlers "Super Pop Boy" hinter dem Satz oben. Was bedeutet das?

Das Gemälde gibt es ohne Schattenfugenrahmen und kann sofort aufgehangen werden.

The Conceptual art painting "Abstract vs Figurative (Ellsworth Kelly meets Goofy)" contains two styles of art.
On the left is a picture by the American painter Ellsworth Kelly, an abstract work of art. On the right is Walt Disney's GOOFY, a figurative work of art.
At the top right is the sentence: "It is YOUR decision ...". "YOUR" is highlighted.
It's about a DECISION, namely the VIEWER. The DECISION is an invitation to dialogue, or at least a possibility.
What should be decided? Between what? Between abstract or figurative painting? What appeals to you more? What would this decision say about the viewer?
The name of the artist SUPER POP BOY disappears behind the sentence "It is YOUR decision ...". Does this have a meaning? If yes, which?
Interested me the sentence / the decision may not, but the colors and shapes are interesting for me?
What does that say about me?
Does the picture interest me as an investment?
What does that say about me?
Maybe I am not interested in the picture?
What does that say about me?

PS: Unlike most abstract painters, Ellsworth Kelly's works are closely related to the outside world. His motives come from memories of visual phenomena, be it the shape of a window he saw in Paris, or a space between two objects. It's always about reminiscences, about fragments of visual memories. The signs are linked to concrete everyday memories.


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