Spongebob - Hip to Be Square


130 x 130 x 2 cm (51x 51 inch)

Acrylic on canvas, 2019


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The Pop Art painting "Spongebob - Hip to Be Square" is inspired by fashion designer Jeremy Scott (the current designer of Moschino), the movie "American Psycho" and the song by Huey Lewis & the News "Hip to Be Square" (1986). "Square" has several meanings. It means "square" and in the youth language of the 50s/60s it means "conservative, adapted". The painting is 130 x 130 cm and without shadow gap frame.


Das Pop Art Gemälde "Spongebob - Hip to Be Square" ist inspiriert durch den Modedesigner Jeremy Scott, den Film "American Psycho" und den Song von Huey Lewis & the News "Hip to Be Square". "Square" hat dabei mehrere Bedeutungen. Es bedeutet "quadratisch" und in der Jugendsprache der 50iger 60iger Jahre meint es "konservativ, angepasst". Das Gemälde ist 130 x 130 cm und ohne Schattefugenrahmen.

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