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Super Pop Boy

The Short Story 
of My Life

(until now

Bob Wilosn and Philip Glass.jpg

Study and Theater

A Decision

After graduating from high school, I studied painting and fashion design at the prestigious JAK Academy in Hamburg. The academy's curriculum was based on the principles of Bauhaus, which provided me with a solid foundation in design theory and practice.

During that time, I was captivated by the work of New York theater director Robert Wilson and his unique approach to theater. After completing my studies, I decided to move to Berlin with the hope of working with Wilson if the opportunity arose.

I studied theater studies and German literature at Humboldt University in Berlin, and wrote the play "Existenz", which was inspired by the works of Heidegger, Kafka, and David Lynch.

When Robert Wilson came to Berlin, I was thrilled to have the opportunity to work as a stage design assistant for his production of "Der Ozeanflug" at the Berliner Ensemble.

The success of the production presented me with a difficult decision: should I remain in the theater or pursue my artistic dream of becoming a painter? Ultimately, I chose the path of freedom, independence and art.

original pop art paintings directly from the artist
paintings directly from the artist

Wilson's famous theater piece "Einstein on the Beach".

Bob Wilosn and Philip Glass.jpg
original pop art paintings online shop

Bubble Painting No. 02

pop art roy lichtensteien andy warhol

"The Green One - Andy the Mediac"

Super Pop Boy Exhibition

Celeste Art Prize Exhibition

First Paintings

Bubble paintings

My first steps as a self-employed artist and painter began with attempting to paint very large canvases. However, the large format posed difficulties for me as I was unable to fill it in a relevant and satisfying way. This led to a period of doubt. Some parts of the painting were always okay, but overall the paintings just didn't work. In my greatest desperation, I painted a circle around the good parts of the painting and covered the rest of the canvas with a color. This created "holes" where the good parts or the action could be seen. I called the holes "bubbles" and the new style "Bubble Paintings".

After realizing that the figures in my paintings were too realistic, I decided to shift my style towards a more abstract, comic-book inspired approach. This led to the creation of the "Andy"-series, with the first piece being "The Green One - Andy the Mediac".

The defining characteristic of the "Andy" -series is that each painting is named after its main color (The Red One, The Blue One, etc.) Additionally, each piece features a person named "Andy" who indirectly plays a role, but is never actually depicted. Once "The Green One" was finished, I submitted it for the international Celeste Art Prize, and the piece was nominated and exhibited in a group show.

Bob Wilosn and Philip Glass.jpg

First Exhibitions and Collectors

The Factory HB55

After the Celeste Art Prize, I decided to move into a larger studio located in the HB55 art factory. The factory hosts over 100 studios and artists from around the world, providing a vibrant and dynamic artistic community. This move marked the beginning of an exciting journey that included numerous fantastic exhibitions and parties. The first collectors showed interest and bought works. The true artist life began!

A variety of exhibitions, both national and international, showcased my works and received coverage in newspapers and online publications. The resulting visibility led to art enthusiasts and collectors from the world's most famous cities, including New York, Miami, Basel, Berlin, Vienna, Cologne, Oslo, and Kaohsiung (Taiwan), purchasing paintings. Further insights into these events can be found in my "Artist Diary" under the "News" tab.

Exhibitions and Party on Artist collective HB55

Exhibitions and Party on! Artist collective HB55.

SuperPopBoy Costume party at HB55

Costume party at HB55

Bob Wilosn and Philip Glass.jpg

Where do the ideas come from?



The creative impulses for my paintings come from a variety of sources. I draw inspiration from the world of fashion by perusing the pages of renowned magazines like Harper's Bazaar and Vogue, or by visiting the stores of interesting and trendy brands like Adidas, Lacoste, Gucci, or the Kaufhaus KaDeWe in Berlin.

I also find inspiration in the world of literature, from biographies of artists, designers, and researchers to profound philosophical works.

My art is also influenced by current events and trends that shape our world, from the latest technological developments like artificial intelligence to virtual worlds like the Metaverse or Second Life.

Movies and Netflix series are also an important source of inspiration, as well as the music that I listen to during my work, which mostly comes from the 70s and 80s, and many of my paintings are inspired by the lyrics of music pieces.


I always make the decision for a specific theme only after I finish a painting and begin a new one. I don't plan any themes in advance, instead, I rely on my intuition, spontaneity, and my current interests and feelings that occupy me the most at that moment to guide my decision. It's a creative process that allows me to express myself in the most authentic way possible. Each painting reflects my emotions and inner world at that specific moment, resulting in a unique and powerful creation. 

Don't grow up!

Super Pop Boy

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