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Living Intensified

01 Jan 2023 - 30 June 2023 | stilwerk KantGaragen BERLIN

​​The French online art portal SINGULART - the largest in Europe - is opening its first worldwide shop in Berlin-Charlottenburg and featuring my Berlin painting "Berlin Syndrome" in the exhibition.
You are cordially invited to stop by!


A collector from Basel bought the painting "Rocket Man"

Many Thanks!

Summer holidays in Paris, Cannes and Nice 😎🏖️💋

June 2022 ​​

Fantastic summer holidays in France with the stations: Paris: with the highlight French Open, Cannes: with the Film Festival and Nice: for swimming and fun. J'adore! Emily Cooper would say ... 🤣


A collector from Taiwan/ Kaohsiung bought the painting "The Menaced Assassin" - 非常感謝!

Many Thanks!

The "Top Magazin Berlin" publishes paintings and an article

April 2021 ​

The "TOP Magazin Berlin" has been one of the leading regional business and social magazines in the capital region for more than three decades. It reaches up to 100,000 readers per issue. The magazine published an article about the painting "Influencer" in April and will be exhibiting it in its publishing house until the end of June.


A collector from Frankfurt  bought the painting "Amor & Psyche"

Many Thanks!

A collector from Key Biscayne/Miami bought the paintings "The Neon Orange One" and "Tinder"

Many Thanks!


An article in the international art magazine CONTEMPORARY IDENTITIES about my work

December 2020 ​ ​

Author Dr. Emelia Ong, Art Historian writes in the December issue of the international art magazine "Contemporary Identities" about my work.

Dr. Emelia Ong: "Trough a combination of comic book style narrative and pop art aesthetic, Super Pop Boy presents a humourus and provocative look at the world we live in. Using well-known comic characters and icons of popular culture, he leverages on the mass appeal of these symbols to draw attention to how they represent our collective desires, anxieties and hopes.

Discrete icons and concepts are playfully juxtaposed to present a tongue-in-cheeck commentary on the state of society. These larger then life icons magnify the current pulse of urban life along with its struggle to make sense of itself. The use of play as a thematic invite us to view life metaphorically as a fun and exiting game. His works reflect a world where pop culture, technology and mass media meet to offer us entertainment, relief and perhaps some hard truths."

You can find the article here. | Issue 8

Summer holidays on the Côte d'Azur: Nice, Cannes, Antibes

August 2020

Summer holidays on the Côte d'Azur. Nice with the fantastic museums (MAMAC (Contemporary Art), Matisse Museum, Chagall Museum), the super warm, clean and smooth sea and great food. Cannes also has great beaches and a little more luxury and hype than Nice. And Antibes of its wild nature, hide small beaches and the famous Hôtel du Cap-Eden-Roc. 


Participation in the exhibition "Anti-Freeze" by London gallery owner Casandra Bowes

June 2020 ​ ​

Cassandra Bowes:
This is an exhibition concept close to my heart- as a gallerist working in the commercial art world for over 5 years, I have long been frustrated with the lack of diversity, inclusivity and transparency of the art world. At Anti-Freeze you will find artists from all walks of life, visible prices (and a range of prices) and an embracing of all things digital.

We are experiencing a moment during which our lives seem frozen in time and held in a field of stasis. We may feel immobilised with fear and anxiety; uncertain of our next move or which direction to take.

Anti-Freeze is a catalyst to create a new state of flow, to overcome stasis, to excite the electromagnetic energy field at the individual and collective level in order to create higher vibrations .

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